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Okay, let’s get into it. So if you have just arrived on my site, then “Hey”. If you have had a nose around before, then you will know that I am a Masters Graduate that loves to party, loves to succeed and has started to recognise what it takes to make all of that happen. So today, I thought that I would give a little background help about mindset. I truly believe that if you are going to be a master thesis writer and more than that, live an extraordinary life, then you have to take control of your surroundings. As I said in the little spiel that I gave about myself, I am really into personal development.

So let’s talk about what that doesn’t mean.

It does not mean that I like to sit around camp fires in the buff chanting to the fairy gods and throwing goats blood on the fire. It does not mean that I think that if I sit around thinking about a Ferrari that one will suddenly appear in my driveway. And it certainly does not mean that I think that I am owed something in this life and that by simply talking about what I want, that it will suddenly, with an incendiary poof, arrive in my life. But what it does mean, is that I recognise that my mind is an incredibly powerful tool. I recognise that my mind will either be my greatest tool or my greatest inhibitor.

So personal development to me is pretty simple. I want to understand those contributing factors that affect the way that I think. I then want to understand how the way that I think affects the way that I act. Obviously a natural flow on from the way that I act, is what my day to day living looks like. And ultimately if I start to get really deep, what my life then looks like based on the actions that I take every day.

So step one, have you ever thought about this before. If you have not, don’t panic, you are in the majority. Most people never take the time to think about their daily actions, let alone the mindset and thoughts that have led to their particular reactions. It is really not a major. We all have to start somewhere. The first step that I took was to start thinking about my thinking. I know, that sounds weird, but honestly, this is where I started and this is something that I come back to often. Thinking about your thinking might sound super airy fairy, but really it is quite simple. The easiest way to start is to simply ask yourself why you think you have had a particular thought. This one simple act will start to get you thinking about your thinking. My favourite book about this topic is called “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, by Stephen R Covey. Don’t be put off by the title, the book is all about how to think. I really struggled to find a decent you tube video that accurately describes the key points in the book. This one is okay, but still misses the essence of what the book is about – which is “how to think”. So I would really encourage you to read it the whole book. Better yet, download the audio book using a programme like Audible which will allow you to listen to the book on the go. This is what I did anyway. Here is the review:

So thinking about how to think is the key starting point. It will allow you to start to recognise those ingrained thoughts that you have as well as your most common reactions that seem to arrive when you are faced with a particular set of circumstances. Inside Hack – they will seem 100% legit at the time!! In fact one of my favourite authors Vishen Lakhiani, talks a lot about this concept in his amazing book, “The Code of The Extraordinary Mind”. I will definitely be talking about this book in the future. He calls this “brules” Which stands for bulls#*% rules. Basically he describes how our personal and very individual societal rules have molded the way that we think. In other words our personal sense of right and wrong, rather than being a definite fact when measured against our neighbour, are nothing more than a personal judgement against the societal norms that we have been taught to accept.

So I say to you – throw off the BRULES!!! Try to quieten your monkey mind and take steps to start to listen and understand your own personal motivations and through doing so decide on the most appropriate personal actions going forward. Yes I will say it – CHOOSE THE LIFE THAT YOU WANT!!!

I give you this licence. I say to you right here and right now that this is not only your right and your purpose, but your duty. If not you then who? If not now, then when?

Let us make this race of humans great once again…

Get out there and live your life!




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