What do the course writers do?

Awesome, guys – we have our first guest post! This is written for Thesis Writers by a local trainer. He has been in adult education for a long time and has developed a particular technique for writing course material. Both that he will be delivering as well as courses that will be delivered by other facilitators.



Course development / training material development and writing.

Over the course of my career I have developed a technique for writing training material. The below is a simplified version of my technique. I hope it can be of value to other writers.

There are a few simple questions I answer before starting on the project. In no order they are –

  • What outcome needs to be achieved?
  • Is there a curriculum to follow?
  • What level is the material aimed at?

Once those questions are answered I break the material down into individual topics.

Within each topic I assess what level of comprehension is required. The levels I use are

  • Knowledge of – The learning needed to appreciate the role and purpose of the subject (what, when, where)
  • Understanding of – Detailed comprehension

(how, why)

  • Ability to – Actual capability based on practical skills knowledge and completed to acceptable levels

Once I have completed these steps I am aware of the path my material will take. Ultimately I take the outcome required, and build subject material, questions and activities to cover these.

I will often have developed two books

  • Candidates information
  • Candidates assessment tasks

Candidate’s information should cover the subject matter in a way that promotes interaction and discussion. I bullet point main areas and build discussion around the bullet points.

People learn in varied ways so when you write your material think about the course facilitator and how he or she may be able to vary the facilitation of the material you are writing. I like to include questions, group activities and even try to add a fun element to the material.

Candidate’s assessment tasks require you to give careful consideration to how you will assess the outcomes. You must be clear and concise with assessment tasks and very clear with instructions. Do not fall into the black hole that is making the candidates guess what is required of them when it comes to assessment tasks.

Take care with your material development and always have it moderated.

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