About Me

The Secret Entourage Academythesis-writer-avatarSo who am I? My name is Wyatt Parker and I am a Masters Graduate. As those of you that are lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to University, you will know that it is not just partying and living a life of relative freedom. Okay, who am I kidding that is exactly what I found the undergraduate programme to be. It was a whirlwind of booze and parties, with a little study thrown in almost as a form of penance for the amount of partying that we were all doing.

I did my undergraduate degree down in Otago and I am sure that I don’t have to tell you, that if you studied in Otago, you knew how to party. From the Hyde Street Keg Race to making your way carefully through Castle Street early in the morning, trying to avoid broken glass and couch littered sidewalks – it was a blast. But through my Bachelor of Commerce degree I will freely admit that I don’t think that I picked up a whole lot of really worthwhile learning. Sure there are the basics of course, but I guess for me the issue was that a degree like that was not hard to get. A few all nighters before assignments were due, or even cramming for exams and you could squeeze your way into getting a few letters after your name without too much difficulty.

So given my less than academic initial approach to study, you can imagine the rude awakening that I had when I decided to go ahead and do an MBA a few years later while working full time in a pretty hectic job. I will never forget the first assignment that I did. I approached it in a similar way to my previous study and banged something out the night before. It was s#!*!! And that it pretty much the feedback that I received from my lecturer. Talk about a rude awakening into Post Graduate study! It was a like a slap in the face, or having a bucket of cold water thrown over my head! It was tough! But at the same time it was awesome, because is showed me in no uncertain terms what it was going to take to make it in post grad study.

The worst part was that the MBA that I did was split into two parts and you had to maintain a B+ Average in order to qualify for part two and actually get your MBA. I made the decision there and then that I was going to commit to the programme and that I was going to do well. And for the most part, from that point on I did do well. I am pleased to say that three years later I graduated with my MBA and I have to tell you – I was proud! All of the hard work and long hours had finally paid off, I had made it.

So why did I decide to set up Thesis Writers?

It is pretty simple really, I found through all those assignments, that I really enjoyed writing and once I finished my study I realised that I needed a creative outlet to poor a few words into every now and again. Sure this blog is pretty much going to be my ramblings about how to write a good thesis, including steps about how to approach it and some of the trials and tribulations that you might face. But more than that, I am going to write a few little thesis (they will be short because I am not that keen on another 30,000 word thesis just yet) about different topics that I am interested in.

As you will very quickly pick up, I am also really into personal development, so I will definitely be talking about that from time to time as well. The way I see it, in order to do well academically or in life you have to put just as much effort into yourself as you do into your study or your job. Writing a full on thesis is not easy, so strap in and give yourself every possible advantage!

Feel free to hit me up with a few comments or an email if you would like to chat about any of the posts that I make and while, I am writing these articles pretty much as a creative outlet for myself, I hope that someone out there picks up a few hacks and strategies to help them on their academic, and perhaps even their life journey.